The first official skateboard workshop was held in August 2018 in Visoko. Every year people of MMS (Many Men Show) organize a street event in Visoko. It was the perfect place to host a skateboarding workshop. At the time I didn’t have any ramps, so I took some old boards, wheels, and trucks and made completes out of them. We did some warm-up exercises and started with the basics. It was pretty successful. For the rest of the year, kids were riding all over the town, which probably never happened before. There wasn’t a workshop next year since MMS became history due to lack of funds.

The second workshop took place in October 2022 in Sarajevo. We used our small obstacles primarily made for workshops. Unfortunately, the photographer didn’t show up, so we have no photos of this workshop. You can see parts of the workshop in the video montage found here. From this point onward, we decided that every event would start with a workshop. The following images are from the Banjaluka jam workshop.