About us

Zenit Skateboard Club was founded in October 2022 in the city of Visoko, Bosnia and Herzegovina. We are a nonprofit and nongovernmental organization. Our goal is to spread skateboarding all over the country, host skateboard workshops and events and afford future generations the opportunities we did not have.

Work in Progress

I had to leave BiH during Covid and I ended up in a huge steel company in Austria. My tasks there were welding, cutting, and drilling all kinds of steel. After a month of working in this company, I realized that too many leftovers were thrown away, which could be used for making skate obstacles like ledges, kickers, etc. So I started collecting all these leftovers and managed to transport them to BiH. Here I had time to weld all the stuff together and create a portable skate park. I created three levels of obstacles: for beginners (perfect for the workshops), basic obstacles, and obstacles for advanced skaters. All obstacles fit in a van (VW T4), which allows us to go all over the country to spread skateboarding.

A local steel company here in Visoko liked the idea of spreading skateboard culture all over the country. They hooked me up with some leftovers and after a small talk and a cup of coffee, one of the workers cut some leftovers in pieces I needed to weld another ledge and two small kickers. Thanx, we really appreciate it.